November 01, 2012

Online Divorce Website Reinvents Its Website unveils their website after major renovations, including updated information, divorce statistics, and a divorce process video series., the premier online divorce website, announces the arrival of new blogs, revamped web pages, and updated divorce statistics and information on their website. The divorce website provides customers with all of the correct and legal documentation about the online divorce process from the comfort of their very own home. Customers go through a short questionnaire that indicates which forms are needed. The forms are then completed by the specialists, and sent to the client to file at their local courthouse. Their divorce process means no excessive waiting and no need for an attorney.

The reconstructed website now allows for easier navigation and access to important information. The updated on-page content offers solutions to questions or concerns that customers may have about the divorce process and the online divorce process. In addition, the informational video series explains in immense detail how the divorce process is affected by different aspects and scenarios.

The team at has worked diligently to calculate their data into statistics, which hopefully will benefit society understand the divorce phenomenon. The statistics and information has been verified and inspected to ensure 100% accuracy. Statistics from the months of August through to October show that 52.61% of couples who filed for an online divorce do not split their assets equally during the finalization process. Statistics also showed the average age of a marriage when dissolution was agreed upon is around 7 years.

"The new look of the website allows customers to easily find all of the answers to their questions. Filing for divorce is not an easy process, but we pride ourselves on making it easier. Giving our customers every possible avenue to be able to understand the divorce process, makes this trying time that much easier for them. With the videos and the blogs, customers are able to stay current on the new laws, the procedures, and the goings-on in the matters of Family Law”, said Jason McClain, founder and CEO.

Making the necessary information readily available to customers who are starting the divorce process is something that is revolutionizing. The process of their unique online divorce forms filing service is saving people both time and money from the comfort of their own home.

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