December 04, 2012

Divorce Website Updates Design and Information

A prominent online divorce company,, continues to reinvent itself., one of the nation’s leaders in online divorce documents, is announcing the overhaul of its website to create more user-friendly web pages. Part of the new look is updated information, and integrated statistics within blogs and on-page content. The website gives a wealth of information, but with the remodel customers will be able to easily access information about the online divorce and uncontested divorces. provides those seeking a divorce all of the legal documentation to file for divorce in any U.S. state, from the comfort of their very own home. Customers go through a short, simple process to obtain the exact forms needed in their specific situation. specialists gather and send all the necessary divorce forms once customers answer a short questionnaire about their marriage. This process means there is no waiting and no need for an attorney.

The site has a number of qualified professionals on staff to verify all forms, including a lawyer to confirm all documents. has a wealth of information for anyone with questions or concerns about the online divorce process. The site offers practical advice and divorce information for those wanting to know all they can about all procedures and steps needed to be carried out in order to legally file for divorce in their state of residence.

The website’s new design is more streamlined to speed up customers’ search times, allowing customers to explore the online divorce process much easier than before. Also, the team at has worked diligently to calculate and produce helpful statistics to aid in peoples’ understanding of online divorce in society. The latest statistics gathered by the experts at, reveal 10.21% of those who file for and online divorce are active duty military personnel, and 18.32% of those who filed for an online divorce have at least 2 children.

"The website is the first source of information for anyone thinking about getting a divorce. Having it easy to use and educational helps customers feel more at ease about their situation, and the process in its entirety. We at, want to take out a lot of the uncertainty regarding the divorce process; and we feel we are doing that here," says Alan Clarke,’s CEO. “We are extremely proud and very pleased with the site’s operation, and how hard everyone at the company is working.”

For more information about the online divorce process or divorce information for any U.S. state, please visit

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